Motor Boat Covers Canopies

Jeckells offers the highest standard of service to our clients and we ensure the best materials on the market are made available.

We offer a free personal quotation service that includes us visiting the boat to discuss individual requirements and our professional advice so to improve the present cover. If the customer is happy with the existing design we can then simply replicate this or modify with a few simple adjustments, such as widening zips making accessibility better or expanding window sizes etc to give better light, which usually incurs no additional charges. Advice can also be given regarding the materials available and their best applications of use. We have a bar-bending department using only 316, 16 gauge marine grade highly polished stainless steel tubing in either 3/4 inch or 1-inch. The bars are digitally rolled to ensure no kinks and to enable them to be 100% symmetrical offering a professional service. The bars can be put on a sliding track to increase the cockpit headroom and give a better side access.

Interior and exterior courtesy flaps can be added for privacy and protect the window plastic from UV rays. Mainly proofed acrylic canvas or grained PVC is used. The acrylic covers have double stitched seams, stitched windows and are tabled around the top seams. The thread used is an UV treated colourfast and rots resisting thread.

The redesigning of client's canopies is becoming more fashionable as clients prefer to spend more time outside and therefore by adding additional framework creating another living area. Curved open-ended zips can be added to create zip out panels, again the larger window to increase better visibility for mooring etc. The covers can be turned into a sun bimini. Jeckells cover makers try to use as many of the existing fittings as possible but this could be discussed as sometimes by changing the fittings it can make life easier exiting the boat. The Canopies could be split into two sections for more versatility and Jeckells are proud to say every job is individually made with the client's needs in mind. The covers are designed for appearance and functionality running in unison.

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Sprayhood Extensions and Drop Covers

Jeckells offer two services.

1. Within our catchment area we visit and discuss the individual requirements and specifications of each customer. We offer a written no obligation quotation to either recover your existing frames to the same design or to include slight modifications. We also offer the option of a complete redesign including new bars. Advice is available as to the preference of materials and their best applications. We have a bar shaping department using only 316, 16 gauge marine grade highly polished stainless steel tubing in either 3/4 inch or 1inch. The bars are digitally rolled to ensure no kinks and to ensure they are 100 per cent symmetrical to give a professional appearance. Whether we are copying or completely redesigning the sprayhood Jeckells cover makers will make new templates, manufacture and then fit each cover ensuring our highest standards are reached.

2. If your boat is not in our catchment area we would then use our extensive pattern library of sprayhoods and bars which we have stored on digital files. The covers are then cut, stitched and checked by one of the Jeckells family prior to being despatched. We enclose very clear and precise fitting instructions, but are readily available to help via the telephone or email if required. Please ask for more detailed advice if required.

The Jeckells standard Sprayhood has two windows which are held onto the bars with either press stud or velcro gaitors with webbing's and buckles on the wings ensuring a taught fit. Acrylic canvas is mainly used but grained PVC can also be applied. Grab rails are welded on for strength and hide covering can be added for additional comfort and appearance. A pvc banding can be sewn onto the rear, forward exterior bars and chaffing points with additional extras such as mooring splits, contrasting binding and sheet cuts to improve cover use.

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Extension Drop and Tonneau Covers

An extension cover is designed to enclose the cockpit area creating another living space on the boat, by either having removable zip out panels and or roll up tabs creating a bimini principle. As standard the cover is zipped to the sprayhood with a flap. Interior or exterior night flaps can be added for security and protection from UV rays. The drop cover can be used in conjunction with extension covers or on its own with windows and zips to enclose the door access.

The Tonneau is especially useful when leaving the yacht for a period so it can be zipped to the hood making it easier to keep the cockpit area clean and dry.

Please ask for more information.

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Summer/Winter Covers

These covers are designed to be simple to fit using webbing and buckles in the forward bow and the two aft corners to hold the cover taught. They have internal tabs and cord that are used when the boat is kept in the water. Cuts and flaps for the mooring lines, cowled vents, zipped access with zip flaps and Velcro to split the cover into two or three sections. The covers have reinforcements as and where necessary and a base draw cord to hold the cover into the hull and stop any flapping with base eyelets. The covers are either made from a top gun material, polycotton canvas or an odyssey fabric. Please ask for further advice and for a guide price. Samples are available for you to inspect.

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Yacht Additional Covers Dodgers

Jeckells dodgers are usually made to our measurements or from the customer's patterns if they are happy with the existing fit. The dodgers are normally made and supplied and /or fitted with either cable ties or traditionally laced. Lettering which is standard Times Roman font can be professionally sewn on. We do however also have the ability to use other fonts and scripts to the customer's individual requirements. Please ask for more information reference logos etc. Mooring cuts pockets and Velcro fixings can also be added.

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Jeckells offer either a standard style cover or a main mate system. The standard sail cover has a collar around the mast and is held together along the boom and mast with either hooks, elastics, eyelets, cords, turn buttons, ovals, zips or velcro. The main mate system is complete with lazyjacksand designed to use in conjunction with your present sail and boom and mainly made from a proofed UV acrylic canvas. Please ask for further advice.

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Covers to Compliment the above

Jeckells also offer a range of covers to complement either your sprayhood or canopy such as winch, hatch, wheel or horn covers and they are tailored to the customers individual specifications.

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The main purpose of the bimini is to act as a sun block, these are made from a lightweight proofed acrylic material. Being held up on 3/4 '' or 1 '' stainless steel frames usually pivoting to lie down around the pushpit, screen area etc. Being held with webbing straps fixed with buckles, to give adjustment. The irons can be split for easy storage.

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Dinghy Covers

Jeckells have a large range of dinghy patterns for over boom mast up and flat covers to draw upon. The covers are mainly manufactured from heavy weight blue PVC or a polycotton canvas (for the wooden more traditional dinghy). As standard Jeckells cover has a valance with a draw cord, base eyelets and underties. The covers if overboom does have a collar, cut and cord and the split is usually from the mast to the bow and fastened with a 2 inch Velcro. Jeckells also manufacture rib and inflatable dinghy covers, which are mostly measured to the clients individual specifications, where cuts for davits etc can be added. Please ask for further information and a price list.

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